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This is an archived version of the previous Nine Trades website. It has been retained due to the valuable historical research and documentation it contains.

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The items under this heading are not intended in any way to present a history of the City and Royal Burgh of Dundee. There are many academic and other books detailing the history of this, for centuries the second wealthiest and most important Royal Burgh in Scotland, including more than one explanation of the origins of the name. Many people are unaware of the valuable part played by the burgh in the history of the burgh which produced many of the most important and wealthiest merchants in the land. Their enterprise and business ability marking the burgh out from most of the others which the City fathers have allowed to be overshadowed in recent years by other cities. Not only in business but in leading the Reformation this burgh “The Geneva of Scotland” was at the forefront of everything which was happening in Scottish history.

What the extracts in this section represent are items which have for the most part been culled from official records as the writer went through the records of the other bodies in this site and which affected Dundee. As an example, on looking into the records of the Convention of Royal Burghs, the connection with the Scottish free port of Camphier, now Veere, in Zealand found and extracted. Much the same applies to many of the other extracts to follow. We are most grateful to Dundee City Archives for their kind permission to access this collection and present it below.


The Nine Incorporated Trades Of Dundee
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