Nine Trades Archive Site

This is an archived version of the previous Nine Trades website. It has been retained due to the valuable historical research and documentation it contains.

A new site was developed in 2020 and is available at


As with the extracts from the City History, this is not in any way intended to represent or add to the well recorded history of Scotland.

The entries here are intended to give just a glimpse of how easily valuable and little know items can be found and extracted to help give a picture of one small part of the goings on in Scotland. Most of these extracts were found where the history of Scotland met with the history of the Royal Burgh of Dundee and whilst they are not intended to stand alone may well add to the general public’s knowledge of Scottish history. They might well be called a hotch potch of scraps of information joined together to, hopefully, make interesting reading. In addition to general history are have added items of curiosity intended to be dipped into as the mood takes the reader.


The Nine Incorporated Trades Of Dundee
Scottish Charity Number: SC001673

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